You’re a successful professional. You have a great job, a good family, a life firing on all cylinders. So why does it feel so hard?

You’renot alone. Plenty of others feel just the same way. In my years of practice, I’ve come across innumerable people who just needed some help to make change. This site – and my REthink Your Life programme – is here to help. It’ll take you Together, we can take you from collapse to control – from desperation to dignity.




Debt, children, health, the demands of others: all these things take their toll.  You feel you work too much, and don’t play enough. Maybe you’re drinking to find peace, or just avoiding all the issues. Maybe you’re near breaking point.  Nothing – your career, your family time, counselling or hypnosis – is working. You need to Rethink Your Life to change its fundamentals. Finding your specific problems isn’t easy. But it’s possible – and our sessions will show you how.



To make lasting change, you need to work from the inside out.

You know what you feel: that you do too much for others, that you’re close to cracking. What you don’t know is why, or how to fix it.

Rethink Your Life is a simple, stepped programme that – via a batch of four starter sessions – will arm you with the tools to dig deep … and make things better.



You’re tired of just hoping things will get better. You want to do something. Rethink Your Life can help. It’s a prove programme that will enable you truly to change the behaviours that you have before now used to protect and live your life – but which are now trapping you in patterns that aren’t working. Right now, everything seems overwhelming: your children need so much, your doctor can’t help, time is slipping away. But change is possible. Your change is here.

We all struggle sometimes – with our children, our health, our sense of self. We know we need a change.

Richard Elwell

The problem? We’re pre-programmed by our experiences to act in certain ways. That’s why we find it so hard to transform our lives – even when we know they’re not working.

I’ve spent years developing a proven formula to help my clients rewrite their source code.

I can help you get started. Simply sign up for my free video, “From Chimp To Champ”, and we can start making a difference to your work, your family … your whole life.

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